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16. Mai 2011 / stefaniewilhelm

Lumen Mobile 1 (en)

Temporary light installation in public space

Exhibition: 24 hours till June 6, 2011 at Kubus EXPORT.

In my works, I intend to develop a new form of artistic-architectural language – based on the interplay of light and movement,  mediating between  perception, body and space. – Stefanie Wilhelm

Light and movement are the main protagonists in this installation at the Glass Cube underneath an arch of the metro line along the Gürtel, transforming it into a composed, yet vibrant counter-space within one of the city’s most frequented traffic areas.

Inside the cube, reflecting panels rotate around their axis. In the dark, as well as in daylight and sunshine, these rotating panels are transformed into luminous bodies. Each change in light conditions brings – in the true sense of the word, stunning nuances ‚to light‘. Pulsing traffic, mirrored in the cube’s glass walls, contrasts with the installation’s changes of light and colour. A calm enclave of perception emerges in the city’s roaring stream of light and movement – an invitation to perceive and experience the contrast between rush and tranquility. – Axel Fussi

Lumen Mobile 1 Kubus Export, Photo: Victoria Schaffer


Google Maps: Lerchenfelder Gürtel | Stadtbahnbogen 43, 1080 Vienna, AUSTRIA

  1. Isabella Fabris / Jul 12 2011 23:31

    che bello!
    sei proprio brava.

    un abbraccio

    • stefaniewilhelm / Jul 13 2011 00:26

      grazie, che bello di sentirti Isabella! Spero di parlare con te presto.

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